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Your creation, enriched by profound, custom composed & produced music.
Custom composed & produced music for
Games, Live Experiences, Film, Media & Artists


Custom composed & produced music for
Games, Live Experiences, Film, Media, Artists




This is a modest selection of work I have done in recent years. From rich orchestral compositions to deep electronic atmospheres and everything in between. If you're looking for something specific for your project, please let me know! Because each new creation begins with discovery, together. Have fun!



Composer, Producer &  Music Director

My work as a music composer in the world of games, live experiences, media & film, reflects the human spirit and its quest for meaning and beauty. My compositions serve as a reminder that music has the power to transcend time and space, to connect us with ourselves and with each other, and to make life a more meaningful and beautiful experience.


Creating music for me is a philosophical endeavor that goes beyond the mere arrangement of notes and sounds. It is a process of self-expression and self-discovery, a way of giving voice to the intangible and expressing the inexpressible. It requires a deep understanding of the human experience, a relentless pursuit of self-awareness, and a constant search for new sounds and techniques.

Besides being a composer, I am specialized in storytelling and strategic creative conceptualization. This is an absolute prerequisite for understanding & creating the link between emotion, story, and esthetics combined regarding music.


Chris Kuijten Alasq Music

In my career to date, I had the privilege to work for and collaborate with a variety of musicians, creators, brands, and heavyweights in the world of media, gaming & entertainment such as Yo-Yo Ma,, Heineken, Cirque de Soleil, Miyoko Shida, Microsoft, Volvo, and Bloomberg.

Neurologist Oliver Sacks has noted, that musical emotions and musical memory can survive long after other forms of memory have disappeared, like visual information. Part of the reason for the durable power of music appears to be that listening to music engages many parts of the brain, triggering connections and creating associations.

By taking this kind of knowledge seriously, my main goal is to add these perks to your creation by carefully tailoring every note, melody & strategy. This is to enhance the above effect even more!


Science tells us that the capacity of music to express and arouse emotions is unheard of. By listening carefully to the vision and goal of your creation, we can take this effect to a higher level together.


Getting me and my team to write for your idea or creation is not just about music, my approach to composing takes in a complete sonic & strategic view. Sculpting a distinct palette, discerning sounds from tone, and finessing the mix, I create compositions that complement the visual experience, keeping audiences immersed.

From high-quality digital compositions to the implementation of a live orchestra, every possible budget is served, and with my broad network of musicians & arrangers, every musical implementation is possible.

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Original Music Composition & Production

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Music Direction &
Music Concept Design