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Music Composition & Production for Games, Film, Media, Artists & Events 


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Original Music Composition

Soundtrack . Commercial . Film . Games . Podcast . Events 

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Song writing &
Beat Creation

Music Artists.  Commercials . Film . Media

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Film . Games . Post Production . Media . Podcast . Events

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Storytelling . Brand Identity . Audience Engagement 


Composer, Music Director

Chris Kuijten hails from the Netherlands and has over 10 years of experience composing, producing, and directing music for live shows, games, film, media, theater, and large-scale entertainment concepts. 

Besides being a musical composer, Chris is specialized in storytelling and strategic creative conceptualization. This is an absolute prerequisite for understanding the link between emotion, story, and esthetics combined in regard to music.

In his career to date, he has collaborated with a variety of musicians, brands, and heavyweights in the world of media & entertainment
such as Yo-Yo Ma,, Ayako Ishikawa, Heineken, Cirque de Soleil artist Miyoko Shida, Microsoft, Volvo and the Sinfonietta Orchestra Amsterdam.
He has collaborated with different cultures, musicians, and brands around the globe from South Korea, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.

From high-quality digital compositions to the implementation of a live orchestra, every possible budget is served.

Chris Kuijten Music Composer & Creative Strategist, ALASQ

Science tells us that the capacity of music to express and arouse emotions is unheard of. By listening carefully to your vision and goal of your creation, we can take this effect to a higher level together.


Getting Chris to write for your idea or creation is not just about music, his approach to composing takes in a complete sonic & strategic view. Sculpting a distinct palette, discerning sounds from tone, and finessing the mix, he creates a score that complements the visual experience, keeping audiences immersed.

Worked with

Sassybot . . Tomas Sala . Ruben Hein

7th Sunday Festival . Heineken . Wish Outdoor . Michel Fadel . Rodge

Efteling . Studio Aalsmeer . MOOOI . Tijn Wybenga . Volvo Ocean Race . Walt Disney Benelux . Walibi . Super Nanny . 

The Next Web . Microsoft . Plugged Live Shows . Unlimited Productions . Prismax . Live Legends . MCI Group . Experience Conductor . Eyeworks . Cool Blue . 538 . Alda events . Extrema Outdoor